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Pantene Beautiful Lengths

My 3 year old Charlie has recently been asking to cut her hair. A few weeks ago she put gum in her hair hoping I would cut it… Didn’t work out like she planned. Thank goodness for coconut oil!! I drenched the gum in the oil, and slightly slid the gum out. After several weeks of consideration, I finally let her cut her hair! Her hair is a perfect golden brown color with just the softest curls in them. It was a hard choice to make, but the last thing I wanted her to do was take scissors to her own hair and chop it off. 

After TONS of research… I mean…. I over analyze EVERYTHING…. I decided the best place to donate her hair would be Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY DECISION. She is too. She’s loving her hair being short! 



Pantene has a few requirements for hair donation. 

  • Hair must be a minimum of 8″
  • No dyes, bleaches, or chemicals
  • No more than 5% grey 

I highly suggest looking into Pantene if you are looking into donating your hair!

“To us, its hair. To women battling cancer, its hope.” – Pantene