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Having a baby is so fun (they said) 

I had never struggled with much in my life before I had my daughter. I was always 110-120 lbs and never had health issues besides migraines here and there. When I found out I was pregnant I weight a whopping 118 lbs! I was 19 and so excited to have a baby!

Little did I know I was in for a ride. I was seen by a specialist twice a week because my blood pressure was so high. I had preeclampsia and luckily that went away before delivery. At delivery, I weighed 208 lbs. Thankfully, I birthed my beautiful baby girl via c-section with nothing but minor complications.

Everything was supposed to be so perfect. You know movies show all the cons of having a baby, but I suffered so badly. I was miserable. I would cry not knowing why.  How can I have such a precious gift, yet be so sad always. I decided to self medicate myself by trying natural remedies, and it only made things worse. I felt so ashamed because people would just tell me it’s in my head. 3 years later I decided to seek medical treatment. I started medication last year and I can not tell you guys how much happier I am. My medication helped me and I’m so glad to tell you that I’m only on 1 of the 3 medications prescribed for my PPD and I only take it as needed.

I wish I knew then what I know now.

I recently also made serious life changes. Started a new job that I love and started living life the way I wanted to. I started drinking Wowmoms protein and it has psychically and mentally helped me so much. Ladies, if you need a protein wowmoms is not only amazing in taste but amazing for you!
Mamas. If you ever need a person to reach out to when those mom moments are just uncontrollable, I am always here. Don’t ever let anyone belittle you and tell you how you’re feeling isn’t right. If you need to seek medical treatment, seek it. We are only human. We can only do so much. Let’s fight postpartum! Together we can!

Left picture is November 2016 right picture was April 2017. Do you see what a little protein and a lot of happiness can do to someone?!

I still have a long road ahead of me, but I ain’t stopping!


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