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The Car Seat Key 

A few days ago I did a giveaway on my mom group #motherknowsbest. I teamed up with The Car Seat Key and one of the lucky members won herself a Car Seat key! I have been wanting one since they first came out and decided to get myself one too.

So let’s start off by saying my number one concern was I have too much shit on my keys and now I’m just adding more… boy was I wrong! It is sooo light! I opened it right away and started checking it out. Added it to my keys immediately.

I got home and put it to the test. We have both a Chicco Next Fit and a Graco Tranzitions seat. It worked great on both! It seriously makes unbuckling 100% easier. It’s also amazing that it comes on a keychain because while you’re driving it is completely out of your kiddo’s reach, so worrying about them unbuckling themselves with it is out of the picture while driving.
I wish it was around when my dad and great aunt babysat my kiddo because they definetly had a hard time. 

This is a perfect solution for you mamas who enjoy getting your nails done and for anyone who struggles with putting all the pressure on your fingers to take kiddo out the seat. 

If you would like to purchase one click here.  

Also be sure to follow their IG account @thecarseatkey 

Here are some pictures I took of myself using it


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