Time flies when you’re having FUN!

In less than a month I’ll have a FOUR year old! It’s insane how much time flies by. I’ve learned so much in 4 years about being a mom.

These four years have been the best days of my life!
We haven’t had a birthday party for kiddo since her first birthday, so next year for the big five I plan on doing it BIG!

Here are some pictures of her on her birthday over the past years

This year we are celebrating with a small cake then we will be heading to Great Wolf Lodge. I have heard mixed reviews, but we are pretty excited!

Charlotte and I may sneak to Disney for a few hours. Shhhh.

I will do a separate post on our experience at Great Wolf Lodge when the time comes.

Now excuse me while I go cry that I almost have a four year old.

Talk soon!

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Having a baby is so fun (they said) 

I had never struggled with much in my life before I had my daughter. I was always 110-120 lbs and never had health issues besides migraines here and there. When I found out I was pregnant I weight a whopping 118 lbs! I was 19 and so excited to have a baby!

Little did I know I was in for a ride. I was seen by a specialist twice a week because my blood pressure was so high. I had preeclampsia and luckily that went away before delivery. At delivery, I weighed 208 lbs. Thankfully, I birthed my beautiful baby girl via c-section with nothing but minor complications.

Everything was supposed to be so perfect. You know movies show all the cons of having a baby, but I suffered so badly. I was miserable. I would cry not knowing why.  How can I have such a precious gift, yet be so sad always. I decided to self medicate myself by trying natural remedies, and it only made things worse. I felt so ashamed because people would just tell me it’s in my head. 3 years later I decided to seek medical treatment. I started medication last year and I can not tell you guys how much happier I am. My medication helped me and I’m so glad to tell you that I’m only on 1 of the 3 medications prescribed for my PPD and I only take it as needed.

I wish I knew then what I know now.

I recently also made serious life changes. Started a new job that I love and started living life the way I wanted to. I started drinking Wowmoms protein and it has psychically and mentally helped me so much. Ladies, if you need a protein wowmoms is not only amazing in taste but amazing for you!
Mamas. If you ever need a person to reach out to when those mom moments are just uncontrollable, I am always here. Don’t ever let anyone belittle you and tell you how you’re feeling isn’t right. If you need to seek medical treatment, seek it. We are only human. We can only do so much. Let’s fight postpartum! Together we can!

Left picture is November 2016 right picture was April 2017. Do you see what a little protein and a lot of happiness can do to someone?!

I still have a long road ahead of me, but I ain’t stopping!

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The Car Seat Key 

A few days ago I did a giveaway on my mom group #motherknowsbest. I teamed up with The Car Seat Key and one of the lucky members won herself a Car Seat key! I have been wanting one since they first came out and decided to get myself one too.

So let’s start off by saying my number one concern was I have too much shit on my keys and now I’m just adding more… boy was I wrong! It is sooo light! I opened it right away and started checking it out. Added it to my keys immediately.

I got home and put it to the test. We have both a Chicco Next Fit and a Graco Tranzitions seat. It worked great on both! It seriously makes unbuckling 100% easier. It’s also amazing that it comes on a keychain because while you’re driving it is completely out of your kiddo’s reach, so worrying about them unbuckling themselves with it is out of the picture while driving.
I wish it was around when my dad and great aunt babysat my kiddo because they definetly had a hard time. 

This is a perfect solution for you mamas who enjoy getting your nails done and for anyone who struggles with putting all the pressure on your fingers to take kiddo out the seat. 

If you would like to purchase one click here.  

Also be sure to follow their IG account @thecarseatkey 

Here are some pictures I took of myself using it

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Where does time go?

I could swear I was just mad dogging my positive pregnancy test thinking how the f am I going to do this? Then…. BAM! My kid is almost 4!

I’m a total frugal mom so, I was thinking what free things we can do for her birthday. Several places offer freebies for birthdays and I thought I’d share those with you!

Barnes and Noble has a kids club! The kiddos get a free cupcake from the café for their birthday. Sign your kids up here!! Kids Club Link

Toys R Us also has Geoffrey’s Birthday club. Every year club members receive

  • Birthday Card & Gift from Geoffrey
  • Check the mail! Your child will get a special birthday card and a gift from Geoffrey every year, until he or she turns 10!
  • Birthday Phone Call from Geoffrey
  • Extra-Special In-Store Recognition
  • Bring your birthday child into the store to receive a birthday crown, Geoffrey balloon and a personalized announcement broadcast to the entire store!

Sign up for birthday club here 
Chuck E Cheese I believe offers free tokens, but always check with your location first as they seem to vary.

California Pizza Kitchen offers a free kid’s meal for kids 12 and under. Sign up for CPK kids club here

As I find more places I will update the list!
Here are some pictures from my daughter’s past birthdays! They grow so quick!

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Working Mama

I was 19 when I got pregnant and 20 when I delivered. I had just started a new job and my benefits were kicking in. 5 months after starting my job, I was telling my boss I was 4 months pregnant. It was not easy. I felt horrible. Less than a year employed with this company and I was going to start taking maternity leave. I worked up until I was 38 weeks pregnant, and delivered at 39 weeks 1 day. I had a planned C-section so I knew then I had that extra time off. 14 weeks at home was not long enough at all. Between the pain of throbbing nipples, to dealing with your stomach being split open …. I was miserable. So miserable I wasn’t enjoying my time at home like I should have and I regret every moment of it. My daughter was 3.5 months old when I went back to work, and it was so sad. I cried in my car going to work. I cried during my breaks in my car. I cried thinking about her. I cried pumping milk for her.

I missed out on SO much.

After returning to work mid November I realized I just couldn’t do it. I ended up quitting that job early December.

Not working was never an option to me. I started a job where I found leaving my kid wasn’t so hard anymore knowing I had support where I was at. Also, realized how amazing her daycare is helped ease some of the pain of leaving her.

We miss so much as working moms. First steps, first words, SO many firsts. It sucks.

If I can give two tips of advice those would be:

  • Find the best care for your kid (that’s a given), but find somewhere that will fill the gaps while we are away. Find someone who will keep you sane, while keeping your kiddo in place. Find somewhere that loves your kid as much as their own. Find someone who understands. Understands your schedule, understands your needs, understands that you need them more than just to watch your kid. They aren’t just there to watch your kid, but to help raise them as well.
  • Your job. Your job plays such a big role on being a working Mama. I am so thankful I am with a company that’s understands myself, and my kid come first. I’m thankful I have a job where I can attend to my daughter if needed to be.

With that being said… being gone for 40+ hours a week makes it SO much easier when you have support at daycare and work.

Remember your reasoning for working. It makes coming home to your little so much more special. For all my mamas busting their asses off…YOU got this. WE got this. Whether you work at home, you’re a stay at home mom, work full-time or part-time. We are still sacrificing so much doing so. We got this!!

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Disney with a Toddler

December 2015 I decided to splurge and become a Disneyland Annual Passholder.


Since then, my toddler and I have managed to go over 50 times and still haven’t gotten tired of it. I have become pro at Disney’ing with a toddler. We have done solo trips just her and I, and trips with others.


Snacks are a must. Kids always want to eat. The parks now allow you to take in your own food so feel free to pack kiddos whatever goodies they enjoy!

Baby Care Centers are located in both Disneyland & California Adventure. Disneyland care center is located on Main St. next to the First Aid and California Adventure care center is located next to the Ghiradelli in Pacific Wharf. This is also where lost children will be escorted to. Both care centers offer

  • Highchairs
  • Changing Tables
  • Microwave & Sink
  • Private areas for nursing mamas to nurse or pump
  • TV & books for the kiddos to take a “break” (huge must during summer heat)
  • On site store offering diapers, wipes, formula, sunscreen, etc (CASH ONLY)

Rider Switch Pass. If you are with a group and your kiddo doesn’t reach height requirements, ask for a Rider Switch Pass. This pass allows up to three guests readmission to the ride. Basically what this pass does is allows the person(s) who sat with kiddo to ride without going into the main ride line. If you have a Rider Switch Pass you return to the Fastpass Return line.

FASTPASSES. They are awesome! This is a ticket for a specific ride that allows you to skip the main ride line and move to an express line aka the “FastPass Line.” Fastpasses are free to all guests who purchase a park ticket (children under 3 don’t need their own fastpass.) Not all rides offer fastpasses. The rides in Disneyland that have fastpasses are

Disneyland Fastpasses

  • Autopia
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Indiana Jones
  • Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
  • Space Mountain
  • Splash mountain
  • Haunted Mansion (no height restriction)

California Adventure

  • California Screaming
  • Goofy’s Sky School
  • Grizzly River Run
  • Radiator Springs Racers
  • Soarin’ Around the World
  • World of Color (this is a show at night and does not have a height restriction)

Buddy Pass. Monsters Inc only With this buddy pass, you must ask the cast member at the enterance of the ride. That cast member will guide you to the exit of the ride. They won’t do it when the ride is 5 minutes or less. When you use the buddy pass you will be used to fill in the empty spots on the attraction. This is not suggested for large groups as you will most likely be split up. Also, it splits you up by rows. So if you’re a family of 3 and you lapsit your kiddo, you will all be riding together in 1 row.

Play Areas. Our favorite spots to hang out, pass time, and burn energy are the play areas.
There is one in Disneyland and one in California Adventure

Disneyland’s Play Area

  • Goofy’s Playhouse- Toontown

California Adventure’s Play Area

  • Redwood Creek Challenge Trail- Grizzly Peak


Here are some pictures from the parks!


Keep an eye out because I will soon also do a post on Disney’ing on a budget!



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Pantene Beautiful Lengths

My 3 year old Charlie has recently been asking to cut her hair. A few weeks ago she put gum in her hair hoping I would cut it… Didn’t work out like she planned. Thank goodness for coconut oil!! I drenched the gum in the oil, and slightly slid the gum out. After several weeks of consideration, I finally let her cut her hair! Her hair is a perfect golden brown color with just the softest curls in them. It was a hard choice to make, but the last thing I wanted her to do was take scissors to her own hair and chop it off. 

After TONS of research… I mean…. I over analyze EVERYTHING…. I decided the best place to donate her hair would be Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY DECISION. She is too. She’s loving her hair being short! 



Pantene has a few requirements for hair donation. 

  • Hair must be a minimum of 8″
  • No dyes, bleaches, or chemicals
  • No more than 5% grey 

I highly suggest looking into Pantene if you are looking into donating your hair!

“To us, its hair. To women battling cancer, its hope.” – Pantene

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Hello Blog World!


I am so excited! I have thought long and hard about some future goals and one was to start my own blog. 

I decided to start a blog to let everyone know that they are not alone. I will be sharing with you what motherhood really is. To me at least. 

Let me start off by introducing myself some. My name is Yessenia and I am the mother to a sassy 3.5 year old princess! I am 24 years young & my daughter and I are HUGE Disney Nuts! (Disneyland is our go-to park) If you are ever going to Disneyland and have any questions about taking kiddos let me know and I can most likely give you some tips on Disney-ing with a toddler or kids in general!

I created a Facebook group a few months back to offer a support group for moms all over the world. Whether you are a foster mom, step mom, mother to an infant or an adult you are more than welcome to join.